Got Flame Briquette and Firestarter


· Organic ingredients and non-volatile properties.


· A patented blend of recycled wood, volcanic rock and soy based wax.


· 30 year shelf life. Easy storage. Essential item to keep with your food storage.


· Keep in the Car, RV, ATV’s, Boat, Camping Supplies and Backpacks for any emergency situation.


· Quickly lights in one second or less, even in inclement weather. Burns on the snow, and lights in a wind up to 30 mph.


· Replaces the need for tinder, propane and lighter fluid.


· Burns as a stand-alone fire, with briquettes or wood.


· Cook with it or be near it. Non-harmful fumes. Does not contain any chemicals.


· Use in Grilling, BBQ, Dutch Ovens, Campfires, Fireplaces or any unexpected emergency.


· Will not explode. Non-Combustible ingredients. Add to an already burning fire to keep it going.






Starter Jug ( 1lb. 10 oz.).


Lights up to 16 fires.

Measuring scoop included.




Clip Strip


Convenient clip strip contains 24 individual  packets that lights 2 fires.

Great to store in an ATV and backpack for emergencies.


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