FAQ about GotFlame Firestarter

Q: What are the ingredients?

A: GotFlame is made from a patented blend of recycled wood, volcanic rock and soy based wax.


Q: How do I use GotFlame?

A: GotFlame is very adaptable in any situation requiring heat for warmth and/or cooking. It replaces the need for tinder, lighter fluid or propane.


Q: Why do I need GotFlame?

A: With a 30 year shelf life, non-volatile properties and organic ingredients, GotFlame is the ultimate solution for reliable warmth, comfort and light when fire is needed. It can light a wood fire or be a stand-alone heat source. It's lightweight, easily stored at home, in your car, with camping, and hiking supplies. Quickly lights even in inclement weather, and burns hot and clean. Perfect for backyard grilling, camping and even the unexpected emergency.


Q: How fast does GotFlame light?

A: Lighting GotFlame takes 1/2 to 1 second to light depending on humidity and the type of match used. GotFlame lights much like a candle.


Q: Can GotFlame explode?

A: No! GotFlame is made of100% non-combustible material and CANNOT explode.


Q: Does GotFlame produce harmful fumes?

A: No! GotFlame does NOT contain any harmful chemicals. You can cook anything with it, and be near it all without worrying about harmful toxic fumes.


Q: Will GotFlame Light and burn in the wind?

A: Yes! You will need to shield it while lighting; however, once lit GotFlame will burn in up to 30 mph winds.


Q: If my fire is going out, can I add more GotFlame to it?

A: Yes. You can add more GotFlame to any fire. It will not explode, but will keep your fire burning.

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