To figure out how many cubic yards of product that you need for your

project, follow these few simple steps.


Take how deep you are putting the product (3", 4" 9", etc) and divide that by 12.

Take your square footage for the area and multiply by the above total.

Then divide that total into 27.

This will give you your cubic yards.*


Example. If you have an area that the square footage is 100 square feet and you want the product 4" deep.

4 /12 = .3333 (depth divided into 12")

100 X .3333 =33.33 (Square feet multiplied by depth)

33.33 / 27 = 1.2344 (converted into yards) 


You would need 1-1/4 yards of product.




If you are buying  bags and not loose bulk product,

this is how many bags you will need for a cubic yard.


.5 cubic foot bag it takes 54 bags to equal a cubic yard.


1 cubic foot bag it takes 27 bags to equal a cubic yard.


1.5 cubic foot bag it takes 18 bags to equal a cubic yard.


2 cubic foot bag it takes 13.5 bags to equal a cubic yard.


* Note. Product size ( small bark to large bark) since they not the same may not cover the same size area due to product size differences.


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