Calculating Square Footage

Rectangles and Squares

Rectangular and Square Areas

Simply take the length and multiply it by the width.

Example: If your length is 3' and your width is 5' 

3 X 5 = 15 square feet.


Circular Area

Start by multiplying the length of the radius of the circle by
itself. (The radius is the distance from
the center of the circle to the outside edge of the circle.)

After multiplying the circle by itself, multiply that total by 3.14.



Triangular Areas

Consider the longest side of the triangle your base.

The height will be from the top tip down to the middle of the base.

Simply multiply the height by the base.

Then divide that total into 2 to get your square feet.

Irregular Areas

Irregular Areas

Break up the areas into regular shapes.

(cirlces, squares, rectangles).

Then follow the steps for each of those shapes to get

the square footage.

Add all the areas together for a total of square feet.

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