Growing in a raised garden can add a completely new and exciting dimension to you gardening experience. Raised garden possibilities are endless.


  • From the different shapes and sizes of the beds you are able to make the gardens fit your landscape. They don’t even need to be all in the same place.
  • In the early spring the soil warms quicker. You can even construct a greenhouse like setting over the garden for earlier planting and extending the crops in the fall.
  • Easier harvesting and maintenance are also benefits especially to gardeners with physical limitations.
  • You can even grow in planters and pots on your patio.
  • The biggest advantage to growing in raised boxes is the quality of soil that you are able to have immediately. Soil compaction and drainage with using a soilless mix become a huge asset to raised box gardens as opposed to in the ground gardening. You know what is in your soil.

 Box Garden Tips:

  • Make sure the area that you build the beds in receive 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Mulch the walkways. This helps to reduce weeds around the beds, keeping weed seeds at a minimum and reducing pests that may live on the weeds. It also makes the area looking nice and a clean path to reduce muddy feet keeping people on the paths. Use one of Miller’s bark or rock products that fit your preference.
  • Line the bottom of the bed with weed cloth. Do not use plastic, it will not drain.


This is the most important thing that you do with your new garden is what you put back into the boxes. Adding your native soil back into the box, will give you the same results that you had before. Millers have a few options with our many products. The absolute best product that you can fill your raised boxes is with our Miller’s Mix for Box Gardens. This is a perfect pH growing mix that has everything you need to have the most successful garden. It is specially blended for optimal growth, higher yields and the sweetest tasting vegetables and fruit ever. With a blend of our Organic Box Compost, sphagnum peat moss, coconut coir and Perlite. Then pre-blended with Miller’s A to Z mix. All you need is to open the bag, fill up the planter, plant and water, and enjoy. The guess work is all done for you. This mix has been tested and grown in our area by the garden experts. However; if you are still wanting to do the traditional 1/3 compost, 1/3 perlite or vermiculite and 1/3 peat moss, let us make a few suggestions. What compost you use in this mix can have an impact on how your garden does. Using the wrong compost can throw off nutritional and salt levels. We recommended using our Miller’s Premium Organic Compost and Miller’s Soil Prep as your composts. These will get the right levels as close to our raised box mix as you can when mixing your own. We also recommended adding some of the coconut coir into the 1/3 part of peat moss. This will help keep the moisture of the mix more consistent when it gets warm in the summer months. And don’t forget to add the Miller’s A to Z mix when planting for the high yields of SWEET tasting vegetables.

If you are using a soil in the box, don’t just use your native soil. You will still have all the same problems you had before, as the soil is the same. Our Miller’s Topsoil grows a great garden. It has been amended with Miller Gro Fiber, black peat and perlite fines.


When adding compost the following season, we recommend either the Miller’s Mix for Box Gardens on beds that have sunk, or for adding Compost use our Millers Premium Organic Compost for best results. And don’t forget the Millers A to Z Mix!


Remember that successful gardening is achieved when the soil works. It is also achieved through maintenance and keeping the plants healthy. Miller Companies have the products for you to achieve this with our quality formulated planting mixes, and with our organic plant foods and liquid composts to maintain lush, healthy and pest resistant plants.

Check out the successful gardening page and mulching page for additional information or contact us either on the contact page or by phone.


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