The Benefits of Mulch:


  • Mulching saves you money, your time with less maintenance and improves the environment.
  • It conserves water by reducing evaporation, allowing you to water less.
  • Mulching at the proper depth reduces weed propagation.
  • Mulching benefits your plants health. It cools the soil and protects the roots from extremes in weather temperature changes in the cold winters and hot summers.
  • Mulching with wood products such as barks, colored mulches, or our Soil Prep also aid in rebuilding and conditioning the soil and adding back valuable nutrients for the health of your plants.
  • Mulching gives your landscape a clean and attractive look.


What to Use?

There are many of Miller’s products to choose from when mulching. Everyone’s preference is different. That’s why at Miller’s we carry a full line of natural chunk and shredded barks, colored mulches, bark fines such as our Soil Prep, to our decorative rocks. We have the right product to fit your individual landscaping needs.


How to mulch properly:

Mulching can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your plants.

However; improper practices can prove to be one of the worst for your landscape.

Over mulching may cause the death of your plants. With excessive mulch plants can drown with over saturated soil. It also reduces the oxygen levels to the root and the plants in time suffocate.
On the other hand too little mulch and you don’t provide any of the benefits to your landscape. Weed infestation is not reduced. Water is not conserved and roots are not protected.


When mulching you want the product to be 2” - 4” in depth. (no more than 3” in heavy clay soils). Make sure you pull back the mulch a few inches away from the trunks of trees, branches on shrubs or the stalks on flowers or vegetables. Never pile the mulch right against the plant. As the decomposition process begins it heats up and can cause rotting.



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