Why choose Miller's Compost?

Premium Organic Compost

Miller Companies composts are specially formulated for you to achieve outstanding results. We make sure we start with the right mix of carbons and nitrogen’s. We don’t hurry up in our composting practices. We take our time making sure the compost in aged and ready to use. Miller’s carefully chooses and start with ingredients like various forest products, poultry and cattle waste. We know what our cattle are fed as Millers has their own feedlot and raise their feed sources like alfalfa and grain. By controlling what the animals are feed we also can keep our salt levels lower than others on the market.


Unlike landfills we don’t use yard green waste, due to herbicide residues and NEVER use sewer sludge by-products which can contain residues like metals and anything from what ever is flushed down the toilet.


Some say that you shouldn't use animal waste in your garden. We beg to differ.  Farmers have been doing for 100's of years. Our compost is cured to perfection.


Compost isn’t just adding leaves, rotting vegetables and fruits, or even horse manure (weed seed can be a tremendous problem). It takes all the necassary ingredients to make the TOP QUALITY composts that Miller's provide for your soil. 



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