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Your lawn is only as healthy as the soil beneath it. Healthy, thick turf reduces and fights off pest infestation such as weeds, insects and fungal problems, therefore reducing the need of applying chemicals to eradicate them. The over use of pesticides and large amounts of synthetic fertilizers kill off the beneficial life within your soil. There are literally thousands of bacteria that live there. Without that food (organic matter) their numbers dwindle. These bacteria all perform important services related to drainage and water retention of the soil along with nutrient supply, making those more bio-available to plants, and aids in disease suppression. These bacteria each affect the soil differently. Some affect how the water is retained or drained by producing substances that help bind soil particles into small aggregates. Other organisms are able to compete with disease-causing organisms in roots and on above ground surfaces reducing fungal infestations. Keeping the soil life going is highly important to how your lawn grows and repels pests. Poor soil quality only encourages problems down the road.



Starting a new lawn:

If you are in the process of beginning a new lawn by either by sodding or seeding, the effort that you put forth now will make a major difference with the over health of your lawn and the maintenance in the years to come. The type of soil your grass will be growing in is the most important element to the health of your lawn. Bringing in topsoil that has no organic matter amended into it will more than likely just harden up in time. If you need to bring in topsoil our Topsoil Blend is already amended and ready to plant. If you just need to add compost to the soil try one of Millers quality composts. Regardless of your soil being clay or sandy, the way to improve both are the same; with compost. For hard clay soils use Millers Fertimulch Poultry MixTM, . For a sandy soil use our Premium Organic Compost TM . 

Click here on how to amend your soil.

If you are seeding a lawn, use Millers Coconut Coir on top of you seed, instead of peat moss. The coir retains water better. It easily and quickly absorbs water helping to keep the seed moist, and dries to a light brown when water needs to be re-applied so you know when it is time to water again. It lasts longer, costs less and is harvested with a less negative impact on our environment than peat moss.



Over fertilizing with the normal NPK products kill off beneficial micro-organisms that live within the soil. However many of us keep adding high volumes of it to keep the lawn green. The more of the standard NPK fertilizers that you add, unfortunately the more soil life you kill off. While the NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potash) are needed by the lawn, Millers Ultimate Turf Booster TM is a specially formulated mix of Humates, steer manure and the right mix of NPK (5-5-5) to maintain that lush, thick, deep green turf. The humates and steer manure continue to keep the bacteria in the soil working. If you use a mulching mower, it also helps to break down and compost the clippings quicker which condition the soil. It also breaks down thatch in the lawn as well. Use this 5 times a year beginning in the spring to your last application in the fall. Your soil works all winter long.

Iron deficiencies within the lawn sometimes occur. Commonly if the lawn is yellowing this may be a sign that it needs Iron. Miller’s Ironright TM , will green it up in no time. It contains humates as well to encourage soil improvement. (Keep off the sidewalk, Iron can stain). Both of these products can also be used in shrub beds, as well. Millers A to Z can also be used on the lawn. Use Miller Gro Compost Tea to detox the soil of salt residues that build up from hard water. It also will keep dog urine spots from dying out along with reducing dry spots and reducing the signs of high traffic areas. Use every 3 -4 weeks. It works well with all of our products making them only work better. The above products encourage a very healthy , durable lawn.



For topdressing a lawn it is best to aerate the lawn first. Use our Miller’s Topsoil Plus TM,

Sod Builder Top Dressing TM, Premium Organic Compost TM or even steer manure. Topdressing can be done anytime but fall is the best time. Spring is also a great time to top dress. If you are trying to improve an existing lawn and improve the soil, it is recommended to aerate and top dress in both the spring and fall.

Miller’s Topsoil Plus, is great for filling in low spots in the lawn as well.


By topdressing and using our products that contain humates in your feeding program your lawn stays thick, healthy and deep green. Thick, healthy lawns makes it hard for weed seeds to germinate and begin to take over, fungal and insect problems become less of a threat. Pests search out  less healthy lawns to make their home.

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