Our colored mulch consists of recycled wood waste (no demolition waste) and dried (not green & fresh) tree trimmings. This wood is shredded and screened to remove any foreign debris. Once shredded and screened the mulch is dyed in browns, red or black.

We offer 4 colored mulches, red, dark brown, black and blended brown which consists of three shades of brown combined together. Our dye is non-toxic and environmentally safe to use around your family, pets and plants.



  • Long lasting color.
  • Reduces weed proporgation.
  • Conserves water by reducing evaporation.
  • Protects and cools roots from fluctuations in temperatures.
  • Adds appeal to the landcape with a clean, well manicured look.

Dark Brown Mulch

Black Mulch

Blended Brown Mulch

Red Mulch

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